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ZONING: The Triangle Lot

The “Triangle Lot” is two separate parcels of land bordered by N 19th St, Wylie St, Cameron St, and Vineyard St.: 801 & 821 N 19th Street.  

This plot of land has been vacant for decades - but recently has attracted the attention of a new potential developer.  Given the magnitude of impact that development on this plot will have for Francisville, and the tremendous legal and environmental complexities associated with the property, UFCA has created this page to help inform residents.

Please continue to check this page for more information as it becomes available and stay in communication with your RCO’s: UFCA and FNDC.

For those interested in making their voice heard, it is recommended to submit correspondence and phone calls to Council President Darrell Clarke’s office: 2815 Ridge Ave., Suite B, 215-685-2633.

Image Courtesy: MPN Realty, Cameron Square Brochure

UFCA Documents

Developer Documents

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