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  • Where is Francisville?
    The Francisville boundaries are the north side of Fairmount Ave, the south side of Girard Ave, the east side of Broad St, and the west side of Corinthian Ave in Philadelphia, PA. Our main commercial corridors include Fairmount Ave, Ridge Ave, and Girard Ave.
  • What is my trash pick up day?
    All of Francisville has trash pick up on Monday. You should not put your trash out before 8pm on Sunday. Trash is occasionally delayed by 1 day for holidays. For more information on trash, and other streets information (paving and plowing) please go here.
  • Who are my representatives and where is my polling place?
    Francisville is all part of the 5th City Council District Most of Francisville is in Ward 15 as seen here. Ward 15 divisions 7, 10, and 11 vote at Francisville Recreation Center. Ward 15 divisions 12 and 13 vote at Bache Martin School. We have a little bit of Ward 29 division 1 seen here which votes at PTTI, and we have Ward 47 division 1 seen here which votes at the Church of Faith and Deliverance. For more information on polling places, and representatives at your address use the search here.
  • Where is my police district?
    Most of Francisville is in the 9th District (Corinthian to Broad and Fairmount to Poplar). Their headquarters is at 400 N Broad Street. We also have Officer Jesse O'Shea come to our monthly community meetings to give crime and safety updates and to answer any community policing concerns. The north side of Poplar to Girard is in the 22nd District. Their headquarters is at the corner of N 17th St. & W Montgomery Ave.
  • What is UFCA?
    UFCA stands for United Francisville Civic Association. It was founded in summer 2018 when residents saw an unfulfilled need for civic engagement in the neighborhood. The civic association, as outlined in the 2007 neighborhood plan, became defunct and we are seeking to revitalize it in order to fulfill this plan. UFCA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for its residents and businesses. We invite everyone within the Francisville boundaries to participate and collaborate in community meetings, social events, and more.
  • What is the difference between a Civic Association and a CDC? What is an RCO?
    Nearly every neighborhood in Philadelphia has both a CDC (Community Development Corporation) and Civic/Neighbors Association. A Civic Association is a community organization that is made up of neighbors, usually on a strictly volunteer basis. Civic Associations address quality of life issues and connect residents with resources throughout the city. A CDC can own and develop property—occasionally a CDC will maintain a small staff to oversee the day to day operations of the real estate that they have. CDCs sometimes partner with developers to create community spaces in vacant lots and enhance the commercial corridors in a neighborhood. Both Civic Associations and CDCs can be RCOs (Registered Community Organizations), even if they are in the same neighborhood. For more information on RCOs, please visit the City of Philadelphia’s City Planning Commission page.
  • Who can participate?
    We welcome everyone to attend our community meetings and social events, whether you are a resident, business owner, or visitor. In order to vote on zoning/community planning proposals, you must be 18 years or older, live within the Francisville boundaries (north of Fairmount Ave, south of Girard Ave, east of Broad St, west of Corinthian Ave), and be able to show proof of residency (drivers license, ID card, lease, utility bill, etc.) at each meeting.
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